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Do You Know Why Cats And Dogs Also Need Euthanasia?

The term euthanasia has been derived from 2 Greek words: “eu”- means good “thanatos” – means death. The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) had published a report in 2001 that defined this term “good death” in the following manner: “Euthanasia is a kind of act where humane death is induced in an animal. As a …


Guide About: Profitable Pet Care Business

Are you an established pet parent, searching for answers to your pet-care-related query? WorldPetExpress newsletter gives a wealth of relevant behavior and health advice to help pet owners give their pets the very best care. This free newsletter is published twice a month and is mailed to your home address. You can either register online through …


Adapt A French Bulldog As Your Pet

A French Bulldog is also known as a friendship. It is a muscular and compact breed that is known to be a great companion for its owners. It has a small to medium built which weighs about 22 to 28 lbs. It has a short smooth and fine coat. The skin is a loose and …