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A dog limps on his front leg – what to do?

Lameness is a disorder of one or more limbs, expressed as a change in the animal’s gait and asymmetry of movement. This condition may be a consequence of mechanical damage to the limbs, as well as caused by various pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. Limp is always a response to severe pain – in this …


Pet Obesity: The Dangers & How To Manage It

Social media is full of jokes and memes about people’s overweight, “chonky” pets. Photos and videos show pets struggling to walk, sit or stand. Your friends might respond with laughter, but pet obesity is no joke. Obesity can lead to painful health problems for your pet, such as arthritis and diabetes — and it is …


Understanding Euthanasia For Dogs

Euthanasia is defined as “painless killing for the relief of suffering.” Veterinary surgeons and nurses should be aware that these occurrences are frequently highly emotional. Small actions and/or omissions might take on excessive importance in these circumstances. All practice employees involved in euthanasia should be adequately trained, and a planned, rehearsed, and coordinated strategy should …


The best Puppies You Can Choose Perfectly

Buying a kitten is exciting, but it’s essential to research a lot of information ahead of time to avoid irresponsible funding breeding and ensure that you bring home a healthy pet. Before buying a kitten, it is essential to study a lot of information to not participate in financing irresponsible breeding and make sure that …