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Is a Labrador a Right Dog For You?

The American Kennel Club has listed the labrador retriever as the most popular dog breed each year since 1991. Although mixed breeds like Goldendoodles and Maltipoos are not included in this list since they have AKC registrations, it is clear that this breed has withstood the test of time. It is anticipated that their popularity …


Fixing Dogs’ Stinky Bad Breath

One way that nature might alert you to the fact that your dog needs medical treatment is via his or her poor breath. Around 90% of dogs with bad breath have it because they haven’t had their teeth cleaned, but the remaining 10% could have a life-threatening condition. Have you heard that canine bad breath …


The Evolution of Shock Collars

Dogs have been a part of the human community throughout history. We have heard stories of their loyalty, their friendliness, how they sacrifice, and their valor. From war fronts to police fronts to guarding a house, dogs are strong and fierce beings. However, over time, we have tamed them to be our friends. Oftentimes, dogs …