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Why is My Dog Throwing Up?

As dog owners, we see almost everything that happens to our dogs – their best times when they’re happy and playful, to their worst times when they’re sick. For those who have heard it, the distinctive sound of a dog getting ready to throw up can induce a state of panic. Not only is it …


Basic things to know about a goldfish

Origin of goldfish The goldfish species has existed for a considerable amount of time. The earliest known date in China was around 960 AD. Chinese and Japanese aquarists have meticulously raised goldfish throughout the millennia into elegant types that differ greatly from their Prussian ancestry. By purposeful breeding of biological mutations, goldfish have developed from …


Exploring Alternatives: Post-Surgery Dog Collar Options for Your Furry Friend

When our beloved furry friends undergo surgery, the traditional cone-shaped collars are often recommended by veterinarians to prevent them from licking or biting their incisions. However, these cones can be uncomfortable and distressing for our dogs. Fortunately, there are alternative post-surgery dog collar options available that provide comfort and flexibility without compromising on the healing …