A French Bulldog is also known as a friendship. It is a muscular and compact breed that is known to be a great companion for its owners. It has a small to medium built which weighs about 22 to 28 lbs. It has a short smooth and fine coat. The skin is a loose and soft kin that forms wrinkles on the head and shoulders. The coats shed during the change of seasons and they may carry out throughout the year. There are different shades including white, brindle, and fawn which are available.

The Activity

The French bulldog needs to be taken for long walks on a regular basis. It keeps them happy and it also maintains the body weight. The owner should always remember that this breed of dogs cannot tolerate high or low temperatures. It makes it difficult in breathing during extreme temperatures. Water and proper shade are really important during hot climates when you are taking your pet dog for walks.

Good in the natured

Frenchie dog is courageous in their nature and affectionate. They love playing with their owners and they have a playful temperament. They want to be the center of attraction and they make your day bright. Since they are fun-loving, they love spending time with the kids and other pets. Although they can be a bit stubborn at times, you need to be patient and highly sensitive to deal with pet dogs.

Take care of health

It is really important to take care of the health concerns. They are more prone to infections and regular brushing is really enough. Bathing is only necessary to be done once a week as it may wash away the natural oils of their coat. Health issues should always be given priority so that they can live a healthy and good lifestyle. Since they get along with almost everyone, it is easy to maintain their good habits.

Smart pet

French dogs are intelligent and they love to do different play full tasks with the owners. They are not good swimmers so you should not leave them in a pool of water. You can boost your confidence and stimulate them mentally to enjoy your time with a pet dog. Bulldogs are always a good option for adopting as a pet. They are small in size; you can also carry them with you at certain places as they are good as a lap dog.

Dog accessories

There are various dog accessories available online. You can buy them certain things that will look good on them and also make them happy. These accessories are meant for the bulldog and it is made up of comfortable material. It is really easy to place your orders online as you can check all the details of the product and make the best choice when it comes to buying something for your pet dog. There is health harness for the dogs that can be of good use which are available in different prints and colors.