We love our doggies so much, they’re such an integral part of our family life and daily happiness. As much as we do love them, we do need a rest from time to time though, and so do our beloved pets. There are times in life when things have become hectic, and where our dogs need some respite away from the home for a short while. This could be due to your own work commitments, a holiday you have planned, or just to help you with dog training, but there are real benefits to be found by using a doggy daycare service close to your home. 

There has been an increase in dog owners during the pandemic and therefore an increase in dog daycare interest. It is vital that you understand the importance of a break for you and your pet from time to time, helping you both to stay fresh and alert. 

The first thing to realise when considering whether to seek out help from a dog daycare service, is that a rest from your dog and vice versa doesn’t mean that they will be doing nothing during their time away from you. When your dog goes into a dog daycare facility or dog training set-up as a rest day away from home there is a lot to keep them stimulated both physically and mentally. With the right support in a doggy daycare your dog will be around other dogs and learn how to better socialise with other animals and humans. This is an important part of their development behaviourally and will help you to stay safe around family members, friends, and strangers. 

Mental stimulation is very important too, with a dog training session teaching obedience and healthy treats helping your dog to stay healthy and sharp mentally. On top of the mental side of things, it is a great opportunity for your dog to remain very physically active throughout the day, going for scheduled walks but also playing with other dogs and staying as active as possible. What this means is that when you pick your dog up at the end of the day, they’ll be looking forward to seeing you, but it won’t be overwhelming for both sides.  A good dog training service knows how much exercise is needed and will ensure your dog is well looked after as you take a rest day.

If you are ready to take advantage of a dog daycare service and have fully trained dog minders that can look after your pet for the day, look for one close to your home. There are many benefits to using a doggy daycare service, looking after your dog for a day or two semi-regularly and giving you both that rest and recuperation that you need to maintain healthy boundaries and a good relationship. You can ensure your dog is looked after, stays fit and active, socialises well with other dogs, and receives any dog training that is currently necessary. It also gives you the rest day that you need to focus on other things for a short period of time without impacting your relationship with your pet.