There were no bills, no obligations, just limitless hours of hitting toys behind the furniture, dozing in soft sherpa beds, and watching birds fly around the feeder outside the living room window. From the outside, the life of a spoiled house cat appears to be rather pleasant. So it’s surprising to hear that our cats’ lives may not be as stress-free as we think. Everything from our housekeeping habits to how we interact with our feline pets might cause anxiety in them. HolistaPet is a popular choice for thousands of pet parents since they provide pet-specific CBD (cannibidoil) oils, treats, and a variety of other items.

Cats may be quiet victims. They can contain their worry until it erupts into something evident to others, according to Cat Behavior Consulting expert. “They can conceal their tension until it erupts into something evident to others.” “Well, kids absolutely notice when their cat pees on their bed,” she says, if their people “don’t perceive the subtle indicators of stress.” But there have been indications all along.” Chronic stress impairs your cat’s quality of life and can potentially lead to sickness, in addition to inciting troublesome behaviors. The good news is that little tweaks may go a long way toward making your pet’s life as carefree as you’d hoped.

Smells and noises

Humans are quite visual when it comes to appraising their living spaces, but cats, with their considerably sharper noses and hearing, are more concerned with scents and sounds. This means that odors and noises you enjoy—or hardly notice—can be overpowering to your feline companions.

Incense, fragrance plug-ins, essential oils, and scented candles can irritate cats and interfere with the one smell that all cats love: their own. Cats leave their personal aroma on items in their environment via scent glands on their cheeks, flanks, and paw pads, helping them feel at home and secure.

Compromise is typically the solution in roommate situations. Avoid using overly scented detergents and cleaning solutions, and avoid washing all of your cat’s bedding on the same day. If you can’t live without your mountain glade sprays and sandalwood candles, if blaring rock or rap music is your thing, or if your adolescent is learning to play the drums, provide room for your cats to get away from these annoyances.

Handling with care. You could feel uneasy and cranky if your roommate lifted you up and showered you with unexpected hugs and full-body squeezes regardless of your mood. Individual cats differ in how much they value human love, so it’s critical to respect your cats’ boundaries.