It would seem that walking a dog is a piece of cake and even a school-age child will be able to cope with this obligation. Well, not really. There are some important points to be aware of. Meanwhile, many people are unaware that by walking their dog in an inappropriate way, they risk serious consequences. And it’s not just about the mandate. Let’s take a look at how to walk your dog.

Does the dog have to be on a leash and in a muzzle? It depends

This is probably the first question that comes to our minds on this topic. Well, the Code of Petty Offenses does not specify it. Article 77 only says that failure to observe the usual or prescribed precautionary measures when keeping an animal is subject to the penalty of restriction of liberty, a fine of up to PLN 1,000 or a reprimand.

As you can see, there is not a word about a leash or a muzzle here. The only responsibility of the owner is not to let the animal pose a threat or disturb the peace and safety. And whether he achieves it with a leash, muzzle or commands does not matter . To put it simply, you have to have control over the dog. Only that, although in practice it is not always that simple.

The only exception is forests. Art. 166 of the Code of Petty Offenses says: anyone who lets a dog loose in the forest, apart from hunting activities, is subject to a fine or a reprimand. Therefore, Polish law forbids letting dogs loose only in forests .

However, many experts point out that it is never 100% sure whether an animal will listen to us when, for example, it gets scared or upset. Keeping him on a leash is a kind of belay.

So, are we not obliged to keep the dog on a leash when walking? Not completely. While it is not prohibited by the Code of Petty Offenses, it may be prohibited by local laws in your city or municipality.

For example, the Resolution of the Krakow City Council says that dogs should be led on a leash or in a muzzle. However, in the case of those belonging to the aggressive breeds, both of these conditions must be met. However, it is possible to release the dog from the leash if it is muzzled. This does not apply to small breed dogs weighing less than 5 kg.

In addition, people keeping dogs within a fenced property are required to properly secure the fence to prevent dogs from escaping outside. If you’re unsure just how secure your wooden fence installation Leeds is, you should get in touch with your local fencing company who deal with all types of fence issues on a daily basis.

In Warsaw, according to the City Hall, you can let the dog off the leash if we control it so that the animal does not threaten other residents. The condition, however, is that he has the addressee or a chip that makes it possible to identify the owner.

The dog in the block against the neighbors. What do the rules say?

Dog owners living in blocks of flats sometimes wage wars with their neighbors, caused by quadrupeds. Are there any regulations that would require a dog to wear a muzzle or a leash in the stairwell? This issue is raised by the principles of a housing community.

The House Rules, which should be in a visible place, often contain information about the need to walk dogs on a leash and in a muzzle. For non-compliance with this rule, of course, we will not get a fine, unless we are imposed by local law. This does not mean, however, that we are safe.

The Act on Ownership of Premises allows members of a housing association to evict a troublesome tenant. These are, for example, people who regularly disturb the peace, pose a threat to others and prevent normal functioning. This might be considered letting the dog loose in the cage.

It should be noted that evicting the owner is not so simple. It is necessary to go to court, and the courts treat this route as a last resort. In practice, it is unlikely that someone will lose their apartments due to a dog running around the cage. Even if it is quite large and will sometimes bark. It is different if the animal attacks other tenants and poses a real threat to their health and life.

Another bone of contention is leading the dogs to the adjacent lawns. Some administrators have decided to put up signs that do not allow pets. Lawyers agree on this issue: nobody can be forbidden to walk, use public places and stay on their premises with a pet .

Dog owners do not break the law and are in no danger if they do not comply with the ban, as it has no legal basis. The person who owns this dog has the right to travel with the dog in areas generally accessible to all people. – assures Piotr Mierzejewski from the office of the Human Rights Defender.

Although there is no legal basis for prohibiting dogs from entering dogs , you should use your common sense. Perhaps playgrounds are not the best places to walk your dog. And quadrupeds taking care of their needs right under neighbors’ windows may arouse righteous reluctance. When you see a sign with a crossed dog, it is worth considering for a moment whether we really want and need to enter there with our pet.

You should also remember that you are punished for not cleaning up your pet afterwards. The law provides for a fine of up to PLN 500. Only the disabled and police dog keepers on duty are exempt from this obligation.