You’ve dressed up, put on your dog’s leash, and now both of you are ready to head on out for a walk. But wait! You hear thunder and raindrops falling the moment you’re about to open the door.

It’s quite disappointing, for both you and your dog! However, there are ways you can make sure your dog gets the exercises he needs even when you’re both stuck indoors.  From playing with Peggasus Pets dog toys or training inside, read on for fun ways to help your dog expend his energy while stimulating his mind and body.

  1. Puzzle toys

If it’s raining and you want to keep your dog busy as you catch up on work and chores, you can leave him with puzzle toys that stimulate his mind.

  1. Teach new tricks

Another fun and stimulating way to exercise dogs is through trick training. You can brush up on basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, or ‘come’ when you can’t go outdoors for walks and runs. This has them learn to behave while outside while strengthening their mind and body.

Once you’ve got the basics covered, you can teach your dog even more tricks, such as cleaning up after themselves, roll over, jump, fetch you certain things, and the like. These take time and patience, and you need to be consistent with training, but fun to do when you can’t go out.

  1. Tug of war

Tug of war is a classic game that dogs love! Plus, it’s a mental and physical exercise that keeps your dog stimulated. You can use a rope toy or shredded fabric from towels, blankets, or clothes.

When you have the pulling toy, you can start the game! What’s great about this game is that you don’t need expensive toys or a lot of room. Be sure to end the game when your dog starts acting aggressively or when his teeth touch your hand.

  1. Pamper sessions

This is an adorable way to spend time with your dog while stimulating him. Stretch and massage your dog, which helps improve his circulation while releasing endorphins for him to feel calm and happy. Plus, it reduces any stiffness, which keeps your dog comfortable and moving around healthily.

Massage your dog by applying light pressure with your hands, focusing on tension-holding spots or areas your dog loves being massaged and petted.

  1. Indoor fetch

If you’ve got extra room in your house (and clear out any fragile furniture), then you might want to try playing indoor fetch with them. Some homeowners with basements would play indoor soccer or play fetch with their dog’s favorite toys.

Just make sure that you don’t use heavy toys or play around areas with fragile items or furniture that can tip over. The living room or play area is fine, but the kitchen? Avoid that area at all costs!

Wrapping It Up

Your dog needs exercise, and the rain can’t postpone that. Make sure he gets the entertainment and exercise he needs with any of these methods above. Good luck and have fun!