There is a reason why Montipora corals are one of the most popular small polyp stony corals. They come in a vibrant array of colors and different unique growth forms. No one can get bored of looking at these corals’ unique texture and appearance. Montipora coral is easy to care for and is perfect for beginner SPS enthusiasts.

This article will share some tips for proper Montipora coral care. To keep your Montipora corals vibrant, healthy, and gorgeous, follow these parameters:

Plating corals: placement, growth rates & other growth forms


The coral depends upon light for most of its nutrients; contrary to that, you can also give them amino acids or tiny zooplankton. Keeping fish in the tank aside, the coral will also help keep them fed.

Water chemistry 

The steady levels of calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium are necessary for its growth to keep the phosphate levels at zero.

Water cleanliness 

Nitrate and phosphate levels can be maintained by keeping the tank water clean. Furthermore, preventing discolouration and algae issues.


Lighting is a factor in Montipora care that is of great importance. Moderate to high lighting levels will help them perform photosynthesis and stay healthy.

Water flow 

The coral likes strong flows by keeping moderate to high water flow to prevent debris and bring enough nutrients to the coral.


Similar to other SPS, Coral care of montipora includes high lighting and good flow. Because of that, mid-tank and up are usually targeted for their placement. However, there are a couple of things to remember for different types. Plating montipora or its placement can be tricky because they create a shelf of these caps when placed over open water. Tough to place though coral glues that dry quickly are sufficient. Do not place the coral above other coral or a location where you are planning for some other coral. Because when Monti cap coral grows, it will block light from reaching the corals below.

Encrusting montipora placement

To place the encrusting Monti flat and smooth surface should be used, keeping in mind that there will be no space left for other corals when the Monti starts to grow.

Digi montipora placement

The Digi Monti is a branching coral that builds flat fin-like structures. The main factor to keep in mind while placing it is to avoid blocking light and water flow as it starts to grow.

Mentioned above are some tips while caring for the beautiful coral that is the montipora.