Though Bengal cats are considered to be a new kind of breed, this is not true. They are simple domestic cats that are adorable and beautiful. Because people consider it to be a new kind, they are highly curious about the features and characteristics of this new breed. Also, you need to know that Bengal cats are quite expensive to buy so one should know all the details of this cat breed before investing your money.

Basic Facts

To start with the best facts, Bengal cats are neither leopards nor tigers. To put it in simple words, they are adorable domestic cats. They will never behave like wild animals because they are not wild. So you need to rethink especially if you are planning to own a mini wild cat. It has been found that every year cat owners dump them or give them away to the animal shelters just because they are not aware of the characteristics of this breed. Moreover, they just brought it for the sake of their good looks. So here is a list of few important things that you need to keep in your mind before you invest in Bengal cat Canada.

  • They’re highly intelligent cats.
  • You need to serve the same meal just like you’d feed other domestic cats.
  • They are territorial and greedy.
  • They’re trainable, loyal, and adorable.
  • They’re demanding and full of energy.

By now, you must have got an overall idea about this breed. If you need more information in detail, it is recommended that you shouldn’t follow the information shared by the questionable breeders. This is because their main aim is to increase sales and also give you misleading information on the characteristics of the breed. If you really want to do a favor to yourself as well as to your breed, then you must simply walk away from advertisements that say- Bengal cats are mini leopards or tigers! Don’t believe such facts because Bengal cats are adorable domestic cats and they do not behave like wild animals at all! But yes! Bengal cats are highly notorious and intelligent.

The personality of Bengal Cats

As far as personality is concerned, they are naughty and predatory. If you do not want your pet to destroy other domestic lives, then you should opt for cats that are less predatory in nature. However, an exciting thing about this breed is that they are highly loving and caring which naturally enhances their relationship with the owner. They have different kinds of communication skills which they use to portray their needs to their owners. They make different kinds of meows and catcalls to communicate with their owners. They even go for a walk and will wag their tails when you’re back at home from the office!

If you have made up your mind to buy Bengal cat Toronto, make sure you shortlist two or three best breeders to ensure that you make the best purchase. Also, you need to make sure that the kittens are de-wormed, vaccinated, and temporarily insured.