Not everyone knows what it means to have a puppy, although most likely all lovers of this species will have no problem listing all its advantages. Adopting or buying a puppy is an incredible and life-changing experience because it involves a lot of effort and so many sacrifices.

From a scientific point of view, reasons have been compiled to have a puppy in your home, because a puppy or an adult puppy can bring enormous benefits in the life of every individual. As you choose the new puppy checklist you can have the best ideas of the benefits regarding how well your life can be with the puppies.


First reason: the puppy has been man’s best friend for 18,000 years

Well yes, or at least that’s what a study by a Durham University geneticist claims. The close bond between puppy and man began 18,000 years ago. A meeting of millenary origins, explained with emphasis and suggestion by Konrad Lorenz in his precious book.

Finally available the video course that shows you step by step how to educate and solve your puppy’s behavioral problems even if you have never done it before and directly from your home. You will start seeing results from day one; it works even if you are a total beginner or discover the presentation and the price!

Second reason: puppies give joy

Thanks to research published in the Society & Animals magazine, it was possible to demonstrate how puppies can transmit happiness to their owners. This is a discovery that will not be particularly appreciated by cat lovers since it seems that the puppies are the most cheerful. Puppy owners will tend to laugh more spontaneously and more frequently, especially at something the puppy has done. Where does this mechanism come from? Simple: the nature of a puppy is rather clumsy and unclear compared to cats or other pets, which is why it causes more laughter to anyone.

Third reason: puppies are very loyal animals

It was Stephen Zawistowski of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals who explained how puppies manage to show absolute loyalty to their owners. The puppy breed descends from wolves, who have always been used to living in packs, forging a strong bond. Following their instincts, puppies recognize humans as members of their group, creating the same bond with them that they could establish in nature.

Fourth reason: puppies help socialize

It was a British study conducted by the University of Liverpool and the University of Bristol that proved this. Anyone who owns a puppy will have a greater predisposition to sociability and encounters with other people who have a puppy, a phenomenon that does not occur in those who do not have animals.

Fifth reason: puppies promote health

In 2014, important research was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on this subject, especially about children.

If the latter is born in a house with a puppy, they will run a lower risk of contracting asthma or allergies of various kinds. This advantage is generated by the fact that, from an early age, the immune defenses develop and protect the body from allergens.