More than 56% of households in this country have one or more pets. That means millions of dogs, cats, rodents, birds and other animals are kept as companion animals.

Are You Suitable?

The pet experts believe that not all english bulldogs for sale are suitable as pets. And we also think that before you take an animal into your home, you should think carefully about whether you have money for, for example, the vet, medical costs and food. So don’t be tempted when you see a cute litter of kittens or puppies before you have thoroughly studied what it means to take care of an animal.

Realize that a pet takes time. You have to walk a dog; you have to play with a cat regularly. And remember that some animals prefer not to live with you on their own. Rabbits, for example, always need a buddy. Otherwise, they become lonely. Also, don’t blindly rely on the appearance of an animal or a particular breed. It is essential that animal suits you, your living situation and your lifestyle.


The National Information Center for Companion Animals (LICG), made possible in part by pet lovers, publishes pet information leaflets to find tips about caring for your pet.

Pet List

The Pet List is published every year. On this list are the mammals that you can keep as pets. Not all animals are suitable to keep as pets. Some animals are protected, can transmit diseases or are dangerous. The pet list includes the domestic dog, the domestic cat and production animals such as cows and horses. Not all mammal species have been assessed yet. Later such lists will also appear for birds and reptiles.

Purchase of a Pet

In shelters, many dogs, cats, rabbits and small pets are waiting for a new owner. At, you will find a complete overview of the animals in their shelters. If you still want to buy from a breeder, ask for a recognized certificate of professional competence, the registration with the Bureau and the registration number. Also, make sure that the animal has had the correct vaccinations. Dogs must also be chipped and registered by the breeder.

Chipping Your Animal

By having your dog or cat chipped and registered, the animal is easier to find. A chip is inserted under the skin. The animal is not bothered by this and can never lose the chip. Each chip contains a unique registration number that is linked to your data. When moving, don’t forget to pass on your new address when registering your chip.