Think back to the best birthday you ever had. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the biggest, best-tasting birthday cake ever? Is it that present you wanted for months finally got? Or maybe it was just spending the day with your favourite people? 


Whatever it might have been, we are here to tell you that you can now recreate it for your furry friend. That’s right! You spoil your doggo every other day of the week so, why not go above and beyond on their very special day?


We have compiled together some ideas on how to make your furry friend’s day for their birthday this year.

The PAWfect gift

Think about your doggo. Are they highly motivated by dog treat, and food? Or maybe they are passionate about soft, fluffy toys that end up sleeping in their oversized bed? Whatever makes your doggo’s tail WAG like crazy, we are here to show you how to put your special spin on it. Here are some of our ideas:

A treat puzzle toy

Combine your doggos love for treats, and a great way to tire them out. A win-win all around. These toys are perfect for food-driven doggos who love intricate toys they need to solve. These toys come in all shapes and sizes, making them perfect for all doggos. Make sure to fill it with your furry friend’s favourite treats for the ultimate gift. 

Fluffy toys

Just like a puzzle toy, a fluffy toy is a perfect gift for those furry friends who prefer to have a cuddle buddy. Or, a toy to destroy and get to the squeaker inside. We don’t judge!

A new/personalised bowl

If you have used the same bowl for your doggos meals for a long time, it might be time for a little change. Just like with your cutlery and dining set, sometimes you need something new. You can either purchase a new set of bowls that match your doggo’s personality or get the ones you already have personalised. 

Doggo clothes

If you live in a colder climate or have a short-haired doggo, it might be time to try doggo sweaters. Some canine companions love wearing cosy jumpers and sweaters during the colder months, so why not treat them to a new one for their birthday? There are so many adorable patterns and soft materials to choose from. If you want to be extra fancy, go online and look for personalised sweaters to gift to your furry friend. 

Comfy collar/harness

By getting a new collar for your doggo, you are providing them with a more comfortable experience, as well as a more stylish one. We recommend bringing your doggo along for this so you can try the collars/harness on to make sure it fits like a glove. 

Big doggo day out

Take your furry friend on a day out and treat them to some outside time. 

A trip to the dogBARK

Your doggo will love you for taking the time to go on a long walk (maybe to try out their new collar/harness?) to their favourite dog park. Or, try out a brand new park in your area to give your doggo plenty to sniff about. 

Let’s go to the beach, beach

If you live near a beach, lake or river we recommend taking your doggo for a walk there. Your furry friend will thank you for the experience of feeling the sand in between their adorable toe beans and chasing some gulls. 

Some reTAIL therapy

Most pet stores will allow doggos to come in and explore as long as they are on a leash. So why not give it a go? Let your furry friends sniff around and find their new favourite WAG natural dog treats

WOOFles and PUPcakes

Just like you love cupcakes and lollies, your doggo is going to LOVE our next birthday ideas. Food! 


When it comes to birthday treats we recommend going all out! Pick your doggos favourite high-reward treats. We find most doggos love these yoghurt drops that come in five delicious flavours (for doggo consumption only, sorry friends). 


If you aren’t sure what treat to pick, why not try this taste tester pack, it comes with a variety of proteins and is all 100% natural and sure to get your furry friend excited. 


Why not try and bake your canine companion a healthy and tasty cake? There are many recipes online that will guide you through the whole process, from step one to filming your doggo enjoying every last bite. Don’t forget to top it with all their favourite foods.

Woofles (Doggo Waffles) 

Did you have a tradition of having a specific breakfast every year for your birthday? Why not start one for your furry friend? We recommend doggo waffles (woofles for short). There are many recipes online you can pick from, top it with a little peanut butter (sugar and salt-free) and your doggo will love you for it. 

Give them all the love

Remember that this day is all about your doggo, and their favourite person is YOU. So spend the whole day with your doggo and give them extra attention. 

Cuddles, and more cuddles

Make sure to take time throughout the day to give them cuddles and lots of pets. They will love the extra attention and will appreciate you a lot. 

Play their favourite game

Whether it’s tug-of-war or throwing their ball around, your doggo has a game they love more than others. So why not take some time out of your day and play this game with them? 

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, you spend the day with your doggo, which is going to be incredibly special for them. They love you! You are your furry friend’s whole world. So enjoy it and cherish it. You are making lifetime memories.