There is a lot to appreciate about living in Stockton, and one of the main reasons is the abundance of pet-friendly activities. Hiking with dogs is a gratifying activity and a great stress reliever. There are several excellent treks in Stockton for you and your dog, whether you like desert mountains, vegetation, or beaches. Prepare to be wowed by breathtaking vistas and a dog-friendly environment. Check out this article as Matt Davies Harmony Communities investigates dog-friendly hikes near Stockton.

Dog-Friendly Hikes Near Stockton

Here are some dog-friendly hiking spots you should check out.

  1. Robert Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve – Approximately 10 million years ago, there was a volcano in the East Bay, yet it is still imposing. This beautiful park in the East Bay hills straddles the county boundaries of Contra Costa and Stockton. It is dog friendly, with most paths allowing dogs to run free. The greatest part is that you will not find this park overly crowded, with just a few pleasant people and dogs to say hi to along the route.
  1. César Chávez Park – The Point Isabel dog park is well-known, and the Bold Italic thinks highly of it. But have you heard of the neighboring César Chávez Park? It’s like a hipper, less-known counterpart of Point Isabel. This flat circuit along Berkeley Lake provides stunning views of Berkeley Hills and Angel’s Island. While this is not a mountain trek, it is a pleasant 1.7-mile stroll—unless your dog has a lot of energy to burn off, continue going toward the Berkeley Marina. Moreover, dogs are allowed to run free at César Chávez.
  1. Redwood Regional Park – Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park in Stockton offers a two-for-one deal which is an off-leash dog park and off-leash hiking paths for your dog. When you are feeling very ambitious, you could visit both. However, Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park might be intimidating since there are several paths, and it is natural if you are scared to let your dog run free in the 1,800 acres of forest.
  1. Coyote Hills – It is strongly suggested that you visit the Coyote Hills near Fremont if you want an experience outside Berkeley and Stockton. This 978-acre park has several pathways with 360-degree views of the surroundings. It was also the home of the Ohlone Tribe. This park is large, comparable to Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park, and it might be challenging to determine where to start and quit. Stop at the welcome center for the best views and go up the steep Glider Hill Trail. It is a short out-and-back path of around five miles. Also, dogs must always be held on a leash.
  1. Shoreline Park – Situated on the island of Alameda, this route is a jewel in the East Bay that allows you to stroll along the bay and not shiver your ass off the fog. Although it is not a trek in the hills, it is located adjacent to the bay and offers stunning views of San Francisco. Numerous East Bay residents use this route for walking and jogging. It might become crowded on weekends, so keep your dog on a leash. Furthermore, it is suggested to park near the Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal and stroll along the beach.


Matt Davies Harmony Communitiessuggests keeping your dog in check at all times when traveling to ensure unwanted things will not happen. Hiking near Stockton lets you enjoy bonding with your dog while appreciating the beauty of nature.